Ness Yawl


Coming in at 11 feet and 11 inches, the Scamp, now somewhat of a small boat phenomenom, is a lot of adventure waiting to happen. This little gem is fun to sail with up to 4 people, and overnight comfortably with 1-2.

Catbird 18

Catbird 18, designed by Karl Stambaugh and launched in 2002. The hull is plywood with epoxy and its trimmed in cypress and white ash with an awlgrip paint system finish. The cabin interior is cherry, white oak and curly maple, spars are birdsmouth [hollow] doug fir. The shallow draft makes it a great gunkholer.

Blue Jacket 28

John Gardner Dinghy

Cushing's Launch


Roanoke River Skiff

Penobscot 14

McGuiness Bateaux

MacGregor Sailing Canoe