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The Melonseed                        See the Melonseed Video!


This is a reproduction of an 1880's New Jersey gunning skiff, drawn by Howard Chapelle. The design has been praised by many contemporary sailing publications as being a wonderful performer, great under oars, and a beauty to behold. 

Her sprit rig stows handily inside the boat and is free-standing.   She can be towed with a small car and can literally be launched in minutes. 




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Our version is strip-planked in Atlantic white cedar with cloth laid in epoxy inside and out, with an awl-grip paint system on the outer hull. The rest is pretty traditional with steam bent oak frames, cedar decks covered in canvas and mahogany trim. We are producing this boat on a limited, by order basis.


$8900 + taxes and shipping if applicable 

This price includes the boat, choice of colors, spars, oars, sail, hardware and a new galvanized trailer. 


See the Melonseed Video!



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